Thursday, March 12, 2020

Introducing Amalia Theresa

It turns out, I started writing books so sexy I needed a third pen name, and let me tell you, it wasn't in my game plan, but here we are!

In addition to writing as both Amalia Dillin and Amalia Carosella, I'm now also writing (and publishing) as Amalia Theresa.

Right now there are THREE books planned for the PLAYING TO WIN series--after which this blog is named!--and while I do absolutely have some ideas floating in the back of my mind for books beyond that, I haven't really started writing any of them yet (and with two other pen names, you can imagine, my focus is split.) If PLAYING TO WIN does well though, I wouldn't mind re-prioritizing!

So this website is to say hi, meet my sexy romance writing self! I hope you enjoy Playing to Win, which is available as of March 12th in a Kindle and Paperback edition, both! Playing it Safe released in May (Amazon and Goodreads), and book three, Playing House (Goodreads and Amazon), is also available as of August 13th!

This will NOT be a blog I keep updated with news on the regular, necessarily, but just a landing page for the inevitable googling of people looking for these books. Amalia Theresa's home base will be Twitter, and Good to Begin Well is still the primary place to stay up to date on everything Amalia--for all THREE pen names.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Inspired By My Greatest Aunt

If you're not following @AmaliaTheresa on twitter, I thought I'd just drop this here for reference--it's the first tweet of a thread, so click on through and learn how my great aunt inspired me to publish these books!